Acne Scar Treatment

Acne scars

Can be a psychologically distressing issue. Usually the areas affected are the face, chest and back. Until the early 90s, dermabrasion was used, but with the introduction of the Laser, it became possible to minimise acne scars much more safely and effectively.

There are many different types of acne scars, each type requiring a specific approach to treatment. Sometimes a number of different treatments are required to achieve the best result in a particular patient and can include excision, subcision, grafting and fillers (to reduce the appearance of indentations).

Subcision is a procedure in which a small needle is used to cut the scar tissue holding the indentation in place, allowing it to return to its natural alignment.

Active acne can also be treated by Laser. As part of a treatment plan for facial acne scars, Laser procedures are very useful and still often the best. This treatment is only for people with medium to fair skin.

How Do The Lasers Work?
The lasers used come under the category of ablative lasers. Their mode of action is to vaporise away superficial layers of the scarred skin, stimulating new collagen production resulting in smoother skin. For the capillaries and redness vascular laser is the best treatment.

What does the treatment involve?
The treatment is performed under local or topical anaesthetic. Usually few treatments are required about few months apart. Immediately following treatment the area is red. Healing time is different. Improvement continues for few months.

It is important to understand that worldwide there is not yet a perfect treatment for acne scars and patients must have realistic expectations. Additional treatment options are available in conjunction with laser treatment to improve results.

The percentage improvement we can achieve depends very much on the type of scarring.

If you would like more information about this treatment, please call MaroubraCosmetic and Skin Cancer Clinic on 02 89716175 and make an appointment for a consultation.

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